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+100 languages supported

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Mobile AppMain Features

Offers you everything you need in case of an accident, including:

Uber / Lyft recommendation of what to do in case of accident
Collect and store all witness information
Collect and Store all Passenger Information
Maintain your accident history
Instant access to your Uber/Lyft Accident attorney
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+100 languages supported
Call for emergency assistance
Collect and report all accident information Instantly
Access to your insurance, registration & license
Recive specific benefits provided by your Uber/Lyft Accident Attorney


Accident assist also offers you the best tools for managing users and customer services.

Uber/Lyft Accident Management

Direct and constant communication with your Uber/Lyft Driver Client

Store & Transfer Accident Information

Insurance, registration, licenses, & police reports

Electronic Document and Image Management

Collect, store and transfer all accident info

Building Case Value

Building case value by managing information & treatments

Managing Treatments

Schedule, manage and send reminders for all treatments

Automated Client Referral

Clients can refer a new client with one button

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Integrated marketing solution for clients and referral network ntegration to your social media, website, newsletters and print communications

HowAccident Assist works?

Uber / Lyft Drivers has an accident

Open mobile app

Collect accident information

Send information

Accident Assist takes care of the rest

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Here is a list of things you will get by adapting Accident Assist

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